Willing Courier Sc.1 HeavyLoaded Courier Loads His Clients Arse With A Sticky Wad!


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The life of a courier isnt always easier as young Connor Rex discovers when he quite literally has to pedal up hill and down dale during the sunfilled opening moments of this energetic fuckfest. Indeed its little wonder that hes only too happy to sit down and take a break whilst he waits for Bjorn Nykvist to check the contents of his delivery given all the cycling hes done its a wonder hes not totally exhausted! If the young lad thinks this is going to be your average kind of housecall however hes in for a big surprise. Examining the parcel the recipient quickly discovers that theres a problem the contents a bottle of the finest lube having oozed out all over the place.Clearly not wishing his purchase to go to waste Nykvist then promptly seduces his young caller which in all fairness is not exactly a difficult task given the fact that Rex is the kind of young man who lives for hot sex and hard cock! As such its no time at all before both lads are taking turns to gobble away on each others dicks before the hornedup visitor rims the blond boys arse and then uses the lube to maximum effect by thrusting every aching inch of his knob into Nykvists guts.Its a move that has absolutely the right effect on Nykvist who then promptly engages in a highoctane performance that will almost certainly have you reaching for your zipper in appreciation. But if anything its the sight of Rexs sticky babybrew dribbling and oozing out of his mates wellworked hairless sphincter that will last longest in the memory a fuckin topnotch surefire ballemptier if ever there was one!